How to get there

From Granada:

Follow A-44 towards Motril, take exit 164 and drive via Lanjarón towards Órgiva: turn left just before Órgiva at a mini roundabout (green dot): the A-4132

From Motril:

Follow A-44 towards Granada, take exit 175, follow the A-346 to Órgiva (just after a short tunnel turn left), follow the main road through Órgiva, turn right outside Órgiva at a mini-roundabout (green dot) : the A-4132

From the green – dot roundabout

Follow the A-4132 in the direction of Carataunas, Pampaneira, Trevélez, to km 8.5 (see the kilometer markers next to the road): on the right side of the road you see two little chapels ‘Padre Eterno’. (This is just after the intersection to Soportújar and the restaurant painted with flags ‘Los Llanos’)

From the chapels Padre Eterno we will escort you to Casa Limón: from here it is another 5 minutes, on a partly unpaved track.

From Málaga airport it’s a 1.30-1.45 h drive to Casa Limón.

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