Rural lifestyle in Granada

Hello friends of La Alpujarra in Granada and the sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Today I would like to recommend a natural environment where we have our rural house, one of the best in Andalusia: to live as before, in unity with the nature that surrounds us. A beautiful place to enjoy and feel nature and take advantage of the wonderful health benefits that the rural style has.

We are situated near Órgiva, surrounded by valleys and mountains. Nature is impressive here, perfect for shorter or longer walks, road or mountain bike trips, rock climbing, canyoning/rafting or running. From Casa Limón you can make long walks or practice running along the different paths.

In the garden of Casa Limón there are many different fruit trees, like plums, almonds, grapes, persimmons, figs, apricots, medlars, lemons, tangerines, oranges and other fruits … Much of the year you can find some ripe fruit to eat straight from the tree. Of course: all ecological.

In Casa Limón’s garden you can enjoy flowering plants and shrubs throughout the year, watered with water from the melted snow of the Sierra Nevada.

At the end of the day, we recommend you look at the starry sky at night: you have never seen the stars so clearly: there is no air or light pollution here.

Disfrutar y sentir el estilo de vida rural de La Alpujarra

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Staying in Casa Limón, you will be able to feel first-hand, what life in the country is like.

Work needs to be done to maintain the garden, the plants and trees, painting, building fences to stop the advance of wild animals, and other tasks that are inseparable from rural life:

But don’t worry, we will take care of that! Your ”job” is to enjoy the view, the pool, the garden, La Alpujarra: to relax, disconnect and recharge your batteries!

Visit this link to know what to see in La Alpujarra

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