Snow on the mountains and some improvements

It’s not a lot that we have snow as low as Casa Limón – at 700 m: in the 13 years we live here it was the first time, so that was a special moment. Luckily in the Poquiera Valley the villages have it about every year: so beautiful and fairy-like: those picturesque white villages with their special chimneys all in snowy white!

We love the wild boar, but…

There is always something to improve: we just put a fence around the garden of Casa Limón (of 260 linear meters!) so that the wild boar – looking for their favourite food: worms! – don’t destroy watering system and plants anymore: so now we are planting many more plants and flowers to enjoy!

Some improvements to the house environment.

Another improvement: the Carataunas town hall has put concrete on their part of the track: this means that now we only have 600 m of track without pavement (of the 2.4 km) to go from the main road at Padre Eterno to Casa Limón!

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